Weekday Specials


Taco Sliders – 3 Mini Tacos (chicken, shredded beef, or ground beef) with rice and beans – $6.95
Burrito – Burrito (chicken, shredded beef, bean) with rice and beans – $6.95

Carne Asada Taco – Corn Tortilla stuffed with top sirloin and lettuce with rice and beans – $7.50
E.T. Combo – Cheese Enchilada and Taco (ground beef, shredded beef or chicken) with rice or beans – $7.50

Shrimp Burrito – Shrimp, served with rice and beans – $7.95
Chef’s Special – Picadillo…ground beef, green chiles, potato, tomatoes, onion and more…served with rice, beans and corn tortillas – $7.50

Carnitas Tostada – Tender Pork with beans, lettuce, tomato and cheese on a corn tortilla – $7.75
Chimichanga – Shredded Beef or chicken filled in a flour tortilla, deep fried with sour cream and rice and beans – $7.75

Fish Taco – One taco with lightly battered Cod, cabbage and our house dressing served with Cucumber Salsa and black beans – $6.25
Chile Relleno – Chile Relleno…with a side of beans and rice – $6.25
Fajitas – Steak or chicken for one with rice and beans and tortillas – $8.95

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