Effective SEO Tips For Small Business

Search engine traffic is extremely important for small businesses. They are always looking to hire the services of a search engine optimization agency to get more traffic from search engines. Due to lack of standardization in the SEO industry, all kinds of individuals have jumped in this industry. There have been many instances where inexperienced and unreliable SEO consultants have taken advantage of the confidence shown by small business owners.

As a business owner, it is important for you to make sure that the agency you work with uses SEO techniques that are in line with the search engine guidelines. Here is a list of some tips to help you buy effective SEO services.

First and foremost, you should never work with companies that offer guaranteed rankings. Nobody can guarantee rankings as nobody is aware of the exact algorithms used by search engines for calculating the rankings of web pages. All the search engine optimization knowledge comes from tests performed by professional SEO consultants and reading of the patents filed by the big search engines. In other words, there is no guarantee that a particular technique or a collection of techniques will guarantee a particular ranking.

Any company that guarantees to rank is guaranteeing something that they have no means to ensure. They can make efforts to achieve high rankings but can’t guarantee the. Therefore, an agency that guarantees their results should be immediately disqualified from the hiring process.

Another important thing that many small business owners do not seem to know is that search engine optimization begins right from the coding stage of the website. Therefore, it is best to hire an SEO company right when the web design team is coding the website. The website needs to be coded in the right manner to set it up for SEO success.

For instance, certain tags need to be customized in a certain manner for best on-page optimization, but some website platforms are not flexible enough to allow that particular customization. For instance, it is important for the content writer to have complete control over the title tags as well as heading tags for each web page. Similarly, the content writer should have complete control over certain other tags for proper optimization. A platform that does not give control of these tags to the content writer is not the right choice for SEO.

As far as finding the right SEO company is concerned, you can find a lot of companies by searching online. There are SEO agencies all over the world, but it’s better to hire the services of a local SEO agency. Hiring the services of a local agency allows you to get quick updates, and you can also check their reputation by asking around.

You will find some SEO agencies by searching online, but it’s not necessary to hire the first agency you come across. Check the long-term results they have achieved for past clients before signing up. As mentioned in the beginning, high rankings can be achieved in the short term by following prohibited techniques that result in a penalty in the long run. Many SEO consultants can get short-term rankings for their clients but sustaining the rankings in the long term is the real challenge.

Ask the SEO company to show you the techniques they use to achieve high rankings for their clients. Any agency that does not want to share the techniques used by them is likely using prohibited techniques that may not work in the long term. For instance, some SEO consultants use link spam techniques such as link exchanges, blog comment links, directory links, forum signature links and other such techniques to achieve short-term rankings. However, search engines do not like these kinds of links.

Some business owners think that search engine optimization is a one-time effort. The truth is search engines are continuously evolving, and they are continuously making changes to their algorithms to stay ahead of Webmasters using spam techniques. This means that the techniques that used to work do not remain relevant for long, and therefore, a professional SEO consultant needs to continuously perform their tests to determine the relevant factors that affect rankings. In simple terms, search engine optimization is a continuous process, and business needs to keep investing in SEO and Social Media to maintain rankings.

If you hire the services of an SEO consultant and manage to get high rankings, you should continue investing in search engine optimization to maintain those rankings. If you don’t keep investing in SEO, your competitors will, and it will be difficult for you to keep the rankings of your website.

Another common mistake made by small business owners is that they chose SEO company on the basis of cost. Cheap SEO is usually ineffective and does more harm than good in the long run. Therefore, you should hire an agency only by their past achievements, and not by cost.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind while hiring a search engine optimization company to rank your website high in the search engine result pages for keywords related to your business.

Duplicate Content SEO Problems You Can Avoid

Do you currently have any websites that are not ranking as high as they should? You might be facing a very simple problem. It could be that you are looking at a duplicate content issue that you may not even be aware of. Some people that put content on their website purchase it from article writers which they assume are writing new content. However, there is always the possibility that they have chosen a business that is simply regurgitating existing on the web. They could run it through a program that will change out synonyms that may not make perfect sense and that the search engine algorithms will notice. This is not a good white hat SEO practice. If this happens to you, here is how you can fix this using these duplicate content SEO strategies that can help you resolve this issue, and also avoid having it happen again.

What Constitutes Duplicate Content?

This is content that is essentially a complete copy of something that has already been written. You will see this on many people’s websites, especially websites where news articles have been distributed. This type of content is usually not going to hurt your rankings. It is referred to as curated content in some instances. You are simply referencing what other people have written, but you will provide an introduction to the content, and not try to pass it off as your own. This is where the problems begin. After you have done this for several weeks and have many pages up, the search engine algorithms will likely penalize you. That’s why you need to add unique content to your website most of the time, and this is also what can help you recover from any duplicate content penalty.

How To Fix Duplicate Content Issues

If you are using a platform like WordPress, and you have many posts, it’s very easy to update them. You simply write new content, or purchase content from an article writer that has written something brand-new, and post that on there instead. You will want to do this gradually as you find different posts that have duplicate content, and simply replace and update that article. At the same time, you will also want to add new content that is going to get indexed on its own because it has never been an index in the search engines before. Over a period of weeks, you will gradually see that not only will some of these posts are ranking higher, but your website positioning will also improve. This is the best way to resolve this issue but to prevent it from ever happening, make sure you are only using unique content as you build your websites.

Is Curated Content Okay?

This type of content can either be news stories, or you could use articles that have been posted on article directories. The key is to introduce this content about someone else. It might be an article that someone has written, and you are providing this as an introduction to the information on their website. This is something that people do every day. As long as you are doing this, you should have no problem at all getting this content to rank, and it may also help boost your overall position online. You are simply mimicking what successful websites do such as news websites that have millions of pages, and interjecting this from time to time can only be beneficial.

Now that you have a better idea of what duplicate content is, and ways that you can recover from a duplicate content penalty, you should be able to get your websites ranking higher in the search engines. It is recommended that you build all of your websites primarily with unique content, and sprinkle curated content into the mix. This is an an essential SEO practice. Some people will use created content on most of their pages if they are providing news of the day. As long as you are not trying to simply copy somebody else’s website, or simply use articles on article directories, with no unique content at all, you should be able to avoid any penalties.