Grey Oaks Homes For Sale In Naples Florida

Individuals and families that are looking for the most elite golf community in Naples will likely see listings for Grey Oaks Naples
as a possibility. It is for affluent people that like access to the best golf courses, and all of the amenities that come with living at one of these locations. Considered to be one of the best communities with golf courses in the United States, you really can’t go wrong with a decision to live here. There are often homes for sale that will allow you to live a life of luxury, complete with golf courses, tennis courts, and every possible amenity you can imagine. There are ways to find excellent homes that are for sale in Naples, and here is why you should contact the realtor about Grey Oaks country club.

Grey Oaks Homes For Sale

One of the main reasons that this country club is so incredible is the fact that it has three professionally designed golf courses. What is also beneficial is that they are each designed uniquely to cater to novices, intermediates, and those that play near professional golf. They are designed to be challenging, regardless of which one you play on. Some of them are simply a little more difficult than the others. Whether you decide to golf at the Estuary or one of the other courses, you will be satisfied with your golf game.

Golf Courses At Grey Oaks

Of the three golf courses, the Pine Course is considered to be the most challenging. Part of the reason for the difficulty is the changing elevations. Also, there are winding berms which can be difficult for those that only hit straight. Golfers will also be challenged with the many different sand traps and waterways along the way. The Palm Course is the next you should try. This is unique for several reasons. It uses unusual rock formations, waterfalls, lagoons, lakes, and sandy beaches in a very balanced manner. Finally, the Estuary Course might be one of the favorites because of how it is designed with breathtaking views, lakes, and unique greens. You will have to play the mall to determine which one is your favorite, but to do this, you need to have a membership to play.

Membership At Grey Oaks

As with any of the golfing communities, you are going to have your fair share of memberships that you will have to pay for. There will be your equity golf fees, golf fees, and social fees if you want to participate with others. The most expensive is the full golf membership fee. This will cost a total of $150,000 for you to have the privilege of playing. You are also responsible for annual membership dues which are over $14,000. If you decide to participate in social events, you must pay the $30,000 for the social membership fee. This is the same for everyone, regardless of which one of the 999 homes that are within this community.

How To Contact A Realtor To Help You Find A Home

Some realtors are listing these homes every day. Due to the volume of homes that are available at this particular community, you will probably see new ones every couple weeks. You may see a flurry of them as people are moving out to perhaps try out another location. The homes can range from $600,000, and if you would prefer condominium, these are little more expensive. It is not unusual for people to pay millions of dollars for a condominium in this Grey Oaks community. There are several neighborhoods to choose from, and by taking a virtual tour, or one that you schedule with a realtor, you can see how truly magnificent this place is. Even if you are not an avid golfer, you will be motivated to live there because of how much time and effort was put into this beautiful location.

How To Make An Offer On These Properties

You can make an offer on these properties at any time. It is recommended that you use a well-known realtor, someone that has been doing this for many years. There are several that you will find on the Internet when you search, one of which will be willing to work with you. You can tell them the price range that you are working with, and the size of the home that you would prefer. They can then talk to you about the different subdivisions. Once you have decided on what it is that you would like to purchase, they can then contact you when one comes available.

Due to its popularity, it is possible that moving into Grey Oaks might be a little more difficult than other golfing communities. Although the prices are somewhat similar to the high-end resorts in the area, it is the prestige of living there that motivates people to buy. When you can say that you live in a golfing community that is in the top 1% of all of these communities nationwide, that is something that you can be proud of. If this is a dream of yours, or if you simply want to experience how it feels to live at a place where you can play golf every day, Grey Oaks should be a top consideration.